What are the little buttons on the screen, and what do they do?

At the bottom-right of your view in Altspace, you will see three buttons:

  • The Action Bar - This larger of the three buttons expands the 'Action Bar', a series of options for navigating Altspace. See below for a detailed explanation og all these items.
  • Microphone - The smaller button with the microphone icon allows you to see whether the audio from your mic is registering. While talking, look at the button. If it is blinking in sync with your voice, your audio is registering. You can also press this button to mute yourself. The icon will show red when muted.
  • Emoji - Convey emotion through the selection of emoji. Repeatedly clicking conveys emphasis, so go nuts!
  • Re-Center HMD - Below the Microphone button is small button with an icon of a person wearing an HMD (Head Mounted Display). Press this button to re-center the HMD position. Make sure that you are looking forward in a comfortable position when you do so.


Right click or click on the Altspace logo to bring up the AltspaceVR user interface, which we call the "Action Bar." You will find several options:

  • You = This allows you a quick view of your current avatar and what you look like to others in the People tab.
  • Camera - Use this feature to take a selfie or a photo of your friends and surroundings.
  • Events - Click this button to view upcoming events in AltspaceVR.
  • Web - This button will open up 3 web browser windows. These browsers produced by the Action Bar are considered private displays- only you are able to see them. 
  • Apps - Click this feature to see a list of 3D apps developed by the AltspaceVR Developer Community.
  • People - Clicking on the People button with bring up your social panel, the beginnings of our friend system.
  • Spaces – Here you will find info on the Spaces we have created so far for AltspaceVR. Rollover a tile to find out more about a particular Space, then click on “Visit” to travel to that Space.

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