How do I download and launch AltspaceVR for the Google Daydream?

Once you have your Google Daydream and a compatible mobile device you will need to first download the Daydream application from the Google Play Store. This application will take you through all the setup for your headset and remote and introduce you to their functions with an easy to follow tutorial. This application will continue to serve as a central hub for managing your VR experiences on your Android device. 

Once you have finished setting up Daydream you can go back to the Play Store and search for AltspaceVR. Download and install the application and proceed to open up the Daydream application again. You can click the menu button in the top left, go to Library and you will now see AltspaceVR is displayed there. Once you open the application from here, your phone will give you instructions to place your phone in your headset if you are not in VR already.

Take note that your AltspaceVR application can also be used outside of VR mode to check your Friends List, upcoming events, and even launch AltspaceVR in 2D mode. 

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