I can’t get past the AltspaceVR Logo. Have I been suspended?


If AltspaceVR freezes at the Logo screen and does not allow you to enter the service you may be experiencing technical issues, or alternatively, you may have had your account locked. 

If you have been ejected from an event, and cannot enter that space, it is possible that you were merely kicked by an Altspace staff member or a user who was hosting that particular activity. 

If an account has been temporarily suspended, this was likely due to multiple reports of disruptive behavior at an AltspaceVR event or in public spaces. 

The AltspaceVR Community Team doesn't take suspensions and account closures lightly. We are willing to reopen an account, though if we receive additional reports associated with your account, we will be forced to close the account permanently.

Please take a moment to review the AltspaceVR Community Standards, to ensure that your behavior is acceptable.

Please note that some technical issues may also prevent you from accessing AltspaceVR and you should contact our Support Team regardless of the cause. We will take the time to review the situation and assist you. 

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