I can load AltspaceVR, but no buttons are visible and I'm stuck at a black logo screen.

You've downloaded AltspaceVR and lauched the client. Your computer is most likely a Windows laptop or perhaps even desktop. Once the client is loaded, you end up with a black screen with the logo, and some UI buttons in the lower left.

After that, nothing happens. Buttons look like they work, but they don't affect any change to what you are seeing.

This is an issue with how you have two key applications set on your machine. Both AltspaceVR.exe and CoherentUI-Host need to be set in your NVIDIA Control Panel to utilize your discreet graphics card. Please follow these instructions for setting these applications correctly:


- Open your NVIDIA Control Panel from the Start Menu.

- Select the Program Settings Tab

- Select AltspaceVR (then also CoherentUI_host). If not in the drop down menu, click Add to create an item for both. Paths to these programs are:


(If installed in Steam, please substitute the path through the Steam directory)

- Use the dropdown (#2) Select the Preferred Graphics Processor for your program. (If this drop down menu does not appear, your computer has only one graphics processor)

-Make sure the "NVIDIA High End Processor" is selected

-Click Apply


If you are still encountering issues, please file a support request, and our support team will assist you further.

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