Other users cannot hear me

First, determine if AltspaceVR is detecting the audio from your microphone. You can determine this by looking at whether the microphone icon in the lower left of your view is blinking. If the icon blinks when you talk, your microphone is working. If the icon is red, you are muted. Simply click the icon to mute or unmute yourself.

If you do not see your microphone icon blinking after unmuting, then you may need to adjust your microphone settings outside of AltspaceVR.
Oculus Go, Samsung GearVR or Google Daydream
Ensure you have a pair of headphones plugged in, without headphones you will not be able to unmute your device. We recommend you use a pair of headphones without a built in microphone. This will ensure that AltspaceVR use's your phone's built in microphone.
Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or 2D Mode
Before starting AltspaceVR ensure that the proper microphone is set as your default recording device in Windows. The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive both have a built in microphone, if you have another microphone plugged in AltspaceVR may be trying to use that device.
To change your default recording device in Windows 
  • Right click on your Speaker Icon in Windows and click "Playback Devices"
  • Navigate to the "Recording" tab
  • Find the microphone you'd like to use. The HTC Vive microphone will be labeled "Microphone - USB Audio Device" and the Oculus Rift Microphone will be labeled "Microphone - Rift Audio".
  • Right click on that microphone and click "Set as Default Device"
  • After restarting AltspaceVR your microphone will now be picked up
If after following these steps you are still encountering issues there are a few other issues which may be effecting you:
  • If you alt-tab for more than 30-seconds AltspaceVR will automute you, you can disable this by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Alt-I
  • The AltspaceVR audio system has a volume threshold that you may be below. Set mic levels to max, set the mic closer to your mouth, and speak at normal volume.
  • Exit VR, try plugging your USB cord from you headset into an alternative USB 3.0 port. In our experience some USB 3.0 ports cause issues

AltspaceVR may not recognize sound setting changes made while in game, so you may need to restart AltspaceVR for an of the above microphone changes to take effect.  When you re-enter the game, look at the microphone icon and see if it blinks. If the icon blinks, then your microphone is working. 
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