Launching AltspaceVR in Windows

We have gone through considerable effort to ensure that AltspaceVR launches painlessly. In most cases, the application should launch, find the Rift display, and go full screen. However, there are some variables that we may not have encountered during development.

In case you encounter some challenges launching AltspaceVR with the Rift, we have provided some tips and tricks to get you up and running.

First, Some Useful Shortcuts

There are a few shortcuts in Windows that come in handy when dealing with VR applications:

  • <alt>+<enter> - This toggles full screen. Sometimes, a VR app will launch to the Rift, but be completely black. Toggling full screen (pressing this shortcut twice) often solves this issue.
  • <alt>+<tab> - this shortcut allows you to switch between active applications. Very useful when a full screen app is running and you want to access something else on your PC.
  • <shift>+<windows key>+<right arrow> - This moves an application to the next display. Very useful for moving apps on or off of the Rift display.

Starting AltspaceVR

The best case scenario is that you simply click on the Altspace executable, it asks you to log in, then opens full screen on the Rift. This normally occurs when:

  • You have no additional displays/monitors
  • Your Rift is in Direct to HMD mode
  • You are using a desktop

If you do not have the ideal scenario above, this is what we recommend:

  • Make the Rift DK2 the primary display
    • right-click on the desktop
    • select "Screen Resolution"
    • click on the Rift DK2 display
    • check "Make this my main display"
    • Select Apply
  • Run AltspaceVR
  • Right after you enter your email and password, hold the shift key
    • This forces the Unity pre-loader to pop up
    • The pre-loader will probably pop up on the Rift display. You can use <shift>+<win key>+<right arrow> to move it to your monitor.
  • Make sure that you select 1920x1080 resolution, Low quality setting, and that "Windowed" is NOT checked. Press Play.

Still having trouble? Click here to send a Support Request. We will address your issue as soon as we can.



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