When I start AltspaceVR I get a black screen in the Rift

You may encounter an issue where everything seems to be running fine (Rift power light is blue, Rift camera light is blue, mouse is not available on your primary display) but you get nothing but a black or dark blue screen on the Rift display. There are a few issues that may cause this:

  • Internet problem. Check internet connectivity, then restart the application.
  • Resolution Conflict. Sometimes a blank screen is a result of the app attempting to display the wrong fullscreen resolution. Here are a couple of things to try:
    • Toggle fullscreen twice. Use <command>+<F> on Mac, or <alt>+<enter> on Windows. This will refresh the window and solve the issue in most cases.
    • When launching the app, hold <option> (Mac) or <shift> (Windows) to bring up the Unity settings window. Choose the correct resolution for your display.
  • Video Card Compatibility. AltspaceVR runs best on discrete graphics cards. Running AltspaceVR on integrated graphics may cause irregularities (this is common on gaming laptops). Check your graphics settings to ensure that AltspaceVR is running on the discrete graphics card.

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