How do I use Leap Motion in Altspace?

Using Leap Motion, you can bring your hands into VR to wave, give a thumbs up, and more! To enable Leap Motion support for AltspaceVR, you will need:

Before using the Leap Motion controller with AltspaceVR, you will need to setup and install the device. Information for Leap Motion controller setup can be found here. You will also need to mount the leap onto your Oculus Rift DK2 HMD. Instructions for mounting the controller can be found here.

Download the Orion 3.0 software and make sure the Leap service is running in your system tray.

Once the Leap Motion controller is installed and mounted, AltspaceVR will automatically recognize the device. Put your hands up and check it out! Leap Motion is a fantastic way to use body language to augment your communication with others in-VR.

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