How do I file an Abuse Report?

We understand that there may be times when you feel compelled to let us know that there is an individual in AltspaceVR that is behaving poorly and is disrupting the experience for others.

Before you submit a report, you should be aware that you do have tools for dealing with any disruptive user who is preventing you from having a positive experience. When you bring up a user's Name Tag by interacting with their avatar you will see several buttons. One of these tools will allow you to mute the user, and another will allow you to block them. You will no longer hear the audio for any user you mute. Blocked users will no longer be seen or heard, and they will no longer be able to see or hear you. Additionally, if you are experiencing issues with other users invading your personal space, you can activate your Personal Space Bubble, which causes others to become invisible if they get too close to you. 

Please take a moment to review our Community Standards, to determine if the individual's actions are violating our expectation of user behavior. If you feel it does warrant our attention please file an Abuse Report. Please make sure to provide a detailed account of your experience with the user, as well as an accurate spelling of their Display Name, and when the instance of abuse took place. 

We will follow up where appropriate, and take the necessary action to maintain Altspace as a place where people feel safe and are free to communicate with others. We will not inform you as to our decision regarding the status of the individual's account.

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