What do I need to get AltspaceVR up and running?

Samsung GearVR:

Currently, we support the following models:

  • Galaxy S6
  • Galaxy S6 Edge
  • Galaxy S6 Edge +
  • Galaxy Note 5
  • Galaxy S7
  • Galaxy S7 Edge

Please be on Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop) or later. At this time, Galaxy Note 4 is not a supported device, due to hardware constraints. To launch AltspaceVR from your GearVR simply download the program from the Oculus Store. 

Google Daydream: Please ensure you have a Google Daydream compatible phone, then download AltspaceVR from the Google Play store. 

Oculus Rift: Download AltspaceVR from Oculus Home, and ensure your computer meets our minimum system requirements.

HTC Vive: Download AltspaceVR from Steam, and ensure your computer meets our minimum system requirements

2D Mode: Don't own a VR headset? You can still launch AltspaceVR in 2D from either Mac or PC. You can download our standalone client here. Please ensure that your computer meets our minimum system requirements.  

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