My audio is choppy

Some users have noticed that when another avatar is speaking the audio comes across as choppy, or with regular drop-outs. You may in other instances be informed by other users that your own audio is coming through choppy, or robotic.

The first thing to try is always re-entering the space you are in, or even restarting AltspaceVR if this fails. Audio issues are not common but when they do occur this is often a very easy fix. 

If this fails these are some other things you can investigate. 

For Desktop Users

CPU Performance

Please review our Recommended System Specifications for hardware we suggest for running AltspaceVR. We've found that CPUs i3's and lower cause issues not only with the frame rates of the video, but can contribute to audio issues such as drop-outs and poor quality.

Internet Bandwidth and Network Connection

Users on slow internet connections (less than 5mbps) or on WiFi, may encounter audio issues such as drop-outs. We recommend hardline connection of an Ethernet cable to your computer, as well as a connection faster than 5mbps. You may want to exit any programs that might be using internet connectivity in the background.

For Mobile Users


If you have been in VR for around 30 minutes or longer it is possible that your mobile device is overheating. Sadly there is not much you can do once this has occurred. Your best solution is to exit VR and allow your mobile device time to cool down. 

You can try a few things to increase your lifespan in VR on your mobile device. Try turning down the brightness as much as you find tolerable, also run in Airplane Mode with WiFi enabled and Do Not Disturb Mode. Additionally, make sure you have closed down other background applications you're not using to free up your device's resources as much as possible.

For more information please check out the GearVR section of the Knowledge Base.

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