I can't get AltspaceVR fullscreen on the Rift

You may encounter some challenges launching AltspaceVR with the Rift depending on your hardware setup. Here are some procedures to make that process easier.

Black Screen

If everything seems to be running, including audio, but you get nothing but a black screen, toggle full screen a couple of times. Use the keyboard shortcut <alt>+<enter> for windows or <command>+<F> on Mac to do so. This will refresh the window and solve the issue in most cases.

Window has the Wrong Resolution or Location

  • Make the Rift DK2 the primary display (Windows only):
    • right-click on the desktop
    • select "Screen Resolution"
    • click on the Rift DK2 display
    • check "Make this my main display"
    • Select Apply
  • Run AltspaceVR
  • Right after you enter your email and password, hold <shift> (Windows) or <option> (Mac).
    • This forces the Unity pre-loader to pop up
    • The pre-loader will probably pop up on the Rift display. You can use <shift>+<win key>+<right arrow> to move it to your monitor in Windows.
  • Make sure that you select 1920x1080 resolution, Low quality setting, and that "Windowed" is NOT checked. Press Play.
  • Once this method works, you will not need to force the Unity pre-loader the next time you start up AltspaceVR.

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