What are Encore Events?

What are encore events?

These events are recordings of previous live events we hosted in AltspaceVR. Encore events allow users to experience the event if they were unable to attend at the event's originally scheduled time, or experience the event again.

Users from all around the world can still experience exciting content, even if they were unable to attend due to time zone restrictions. 

Which events are encore events?

You may have noticed some of our events have the text 'Encore' printed in the top left corner of their image banners. If you haven't, check out the Events tab of your menu in AltspaceVR, scroll over the listing of upcoming events and you will probably see several examples. 

How do they work?

When a featured event takes place live in AltspaceVR, the event is recorded in 3D. This recording will include the featured personalities performing at the event, and may or may not also include audience and other staff members who were in attendance. Those that were selected by the performers for questions, will also be recorded

These these recordings include the avatars and their movements, their audio, and even any emojis they send! 

Once saved, the recordings can be played back at later dates, giving everyone a chance to attend!



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