What is the Branded Highrise Space?

When creating a new event, you have the option of selecting a Space called "Branded Highrise". This Space is designed to allow users to decorate the environment with their own graphics.

There are 6 beam-able areas in the Space:


#1 The Main Display

Located in the center of the space, this is the primary screen for the space and is also available in the standard Highrise and City Loft Spaces. The dimensions for this display are 1024 x x 576 pixels.


#2 The Big Daddy

To the right of the elevator as you enter the space (left side if you are facing the elevator door from the room), high up near the ceiling is a branded display. The dimensions for this display are 1280 x 576 pixels.


#3 & #4 Side Banners to the Main Display

Two displays border the Main Display on each side. These tall displays are sized as 576 x 1024 pixels.


#5 High above the Main Display

There is another display directly above the Main Display. While not centered, it's another way to decorate that wall. Dimensions are the same as the Main Display (1024 x x 576 pixels), just scaled down.


#6 The Couch Lounge

Heading toward the windows and down the stairs, you'll see a couch with a small display above it. Note that this display's audio may interfere with the Main Display audio. Dimensions for this are the same as the Main Display (1024 x x 576 pixels).


The Space also has two 3D display areas, one near the fireplace and one on the back deck, up the stairs and out the door, the outdoor space being significantly bigger than the outdoor one.


Be careful to not inadvertently beam content to the worng display.  Make sure you are close enough to the display you are intending to use. To access the High Display above the Main Display, teleport to the ledge above the main display from the upstairs area. You'll notice your teleport reticle change to blue when mousing over the ledge.

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