Can I use a Gear VR Account on the PC Client?

If you've registered an account on AltspaceVR, via your Gear VR, you may use that account on any of the AltspaceVR Clients we offer.

In order to access your acount, you will need to request a password reset via our web page. Visit and click 'Forgot Password'. Fill out the form using the email account associated with your Google Play Account or the one listed in the My Profile area of your phone's My Contacts app.

An email will be sent to the address with directions on resetting your password. Once this is completed you will be able to log-in to any available AltspaceVR client.

This will have no impact on your ability to log in to the AltspaceVR app for Gear VR, at a later time. Attempting to log-in to another device, while already logged-in, will result in the first device to be disconnected from AltspaceVR.  

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